baby k growth scan update

two weeks ago after getting my last cervical length check, the technician began to do a routine growth scan. baby k was finally head down, and the technician was finally able to record the baby's gender, which i told her not to tell me.

3d ultrasound
3d scan smiling

after the scan she read off the baby's weight. twenty-nine weeks old and two pounds three ounces. umm...she nervously got up and walked back over to her equipment and applied more jelly to my already saturated bare belly. is that a normal weight? i asked. its a little on the small side, she muttered skittishly. what is the normal weight supposed to be? i asked needing a bit more clarification. well there is a range and baby is just on the lower end of the range.

way to be vague. thanks.

i am just going to get a scan of the cord to make sure there is enough blood flow going to the baby. the technician quietly ran her tests and then left the room to go show the doctor. when she returned she simply said that the doctor wanted to get another scan in two weeks to see if the baby's weight gain would improve.

that was it.

i could see i was not getting anything out of her or the doctor about what was so concerning, so the following week i talked to my ob about it. she was a bit more cheery. oh, i saw the notes. baby looks great, its just their abdomen is smaller than normal so they want to monitor the flow of the blood in the cord. if it doesn't improve, they will probably want to see you more frequently to determine if we need to deliver early.

was that so hard?


two weeks finally passed and i went back to see mfm for my growth scan check up. baby was thankfully still head down. i watched as the technician measured the cord, looked at the heart, measured the head and abdomen. she seemed more confident than the last technician as she clicked away on her keyboard. baby is weighing in at three point six pounds.

i thought all that pain i was experiencing must be a growth spurt.

over a pound and a half in two weeks? i was ecstatic, especially since i did not have gestational diabetes or any signs of preeclampsia. the doctor was impressed with the progress and told me that i would not have to come back for another four weeks for my last scan to make sure baby was continuing with this progression. i was elated the whole day, and when i told keith, so was he. we had been through two weeks of worry over the contractions that i had been exhibiting, so this was a huge praise report to receive. i cannot believe this baby is almost four pounds! 

i am definitely feeling it.