Celebrating Two Years

One week out from our anniversary escapade, Keith as usual, had a change of heart about visiting St. Augustine for the weekend and wanted US to think about it a little more. That would have been nice to know YESTERDAY. By US he meant me because planning dates and such caused him anxiety. I knew this to be true, especially when we were just dating. However, I gave it little thought because I had too much on my mind for the week.

When Thursday rolled around, I realized I had seen very little of Keith. Our weekend before had been spent doing our own separate projects in preparation of the summer and our baby. The weekend ahead was doomed to repeat itself, yet there was so much to be done. I decided to kill two birds with one stone. I asked Keith if he would be down for helping me with some nursery projects over the weekend. It was a way for us to connect and accomplish some goals.

ikea kallax shelf
ikea kallax bench hack

I know. How romantic. Actually, I find this to be part of the dance in marriage. I wish I could say we went to Italy or some nonsense like that, but we didn’t and that’s ok. The most important thing to me in our marriage has been just spending time seeing each other. Spending our activities together. I used to fight for my own space within our marriage, but being at home by myself on moderate bed rest has made me come to appreciate the time we have together. If I cannot enjoy my husband in the everyday mundane, then what sort of future is there together?


Saturday morning we both slept in and snuggled (No euphemism here. Snuggling is the only thing I am allowed to do until the cerclage is removed); Keith made me breakfast (he does this quite often on the weekends, but this girl is not complaining over consistency), and we read our Lent devotional together. We ran errands together and after some lunch, went and started working on the nursery while jamming to some Laura Mvula.

interracial marriage

Sunday, we finished hacking our Kallax shelf into a bench for the nursery, and then went to Ceviche for dinner to celebrate our anniversary since we wouldn’t be able to do it today. Ceviche was where Keith took me four years ago before he asked me if I would be his girlfriend. We celebrated with the paella we were denied four years ago, and topped off the evening with Jeremiah’s.