huckleberry: baby sleep app

those of you who have been following my road on motherhood, know that sleep has been a real challenge for keith and i. when i say we tried everything, i mean everything. i had resolved in my mind that baby boy was just going through a ton of developments and would need assistance until he had gotten through most of them.

we rocked, held, nursed, sang, bounced our boy to sleep through most of the night and day time naps, but last week i started to see the problem with having him rely on us for so much. not only was he overtired and waking up every two hours to be soothed in some fashion, but i noticed his progress with crawling and coordination had slowed down a lot. he wasn’t as alert either, and that all worried me. but it wasn’t just him all of this was having a profound affect on.


i mentioned this early on when we first brought baby boy home that parenthood can bring out the ugly. i found myself more irritable than normal, unable to communicate my thoughts and feelings to keith as i used to, and i could feel the tendrils of resentment starting to coil around my spirit. i felt stuck and i didn’t know how to kindly invite keith into helping me get our boy back on the right track.

while scrolling through my instagram feed, one of those promo posts popped up about baby sleep issues. i admit i think its extremely creepy that facebook and google know exactly what to bait me with. i read the blog post by a mama not sure if she got paid for it—but yo the hustle is real about her woes of short naps and bedtime battles. she mentioned the huckleberry sleep app and how it gave her back her sanity.

i was skeptical of any app i had to pay for except for vsco—i love you so much, but when i found out that it was free to use the app, i jumped on it like the sugar hill gang. keep in mind that in order to get a consultation you have to subscribe for $10-15 a month depending on the plan you choose.


in a nutshell, i created a profile for baby boy, logged 3+ days of sleeping and feedings, then filled out a questionnaire based on our current sleeping situation, what sort of sleep training methods i was comfortable with, my lifestyle, and the main objective to focus on. i decided not to do the full year plan, and instead decided to give the app one month for $15. with in a week, i received a detailed outline of the developmental stages, conclusions to the data i provided, a sleep schedule to help us get to healthy starting point, and six weeks worth of landmarks to work on and achieve.

we were about three days into sleep training when i sent a weeks worth of data off to be analyzed by a sleep consultant. in the meantime i looked up their parent site baby sleep science and figured out what wakings meant what. our boy could only go about two hours before needing to be soothed. i thought he was hungry. once i figured that out, his night wakings drastically decreased once we gave him those tools.

as you can see, the first few days were full of night wakings where i thought he was hungry. thursday was the first day we started sleep training.

as you can see, the first few days were full of night wakings where i thought he was hungry. thursday was the first day we started sleep training.

then i started focusing attention on his intake during the day so that he could go longer stretches at night. boom. got the night wakings down to uno. once i could translate his cries into what he needed from me, i moved on to naps.

what i like about the app

  1. the visual of his sleep pattern without having to write down everything

  2. keith can sign on from his phone and can now know when the best time is to put lil man down thanks to the sweet spot indicator.

  3. i don’t have to do the math to figure out when he last slept, ate, or pooped.

  4. the consultant actually read my detailed notes on our sleep training progress.

  5. it accounts for nap transitions

what i wish this app had

  1. saved wake time between naps so that i didn’t have to do the math

  2. auto adjusted bedtime for those days when the naps aren’t so good.

  3. more selections when choosing how baby seemed after or before sleep.

as far as the subscription, i think its good for parents who are right at the beginning of all the sleep woes, but i am eight months in and know the basics at least. i will say that their baby sleep science website is super helpful and part of the reason i was able to get the night wakings down to one.

this was a lot of info to gargle, but i hope it helps. what sort of sleep tools did you have in your belt that worked well?