#locherup 1.2

my roots started to grow out and the noticeable spaces between each twist grow smaller and smaller. the length has more or less been about the same. most days i pull the twists into a stubby ponytail or wear a hat and try my best to look like i tried to put an outfit together. i will say that these likes have been forcing me to try to be okay with how i look in them.

baby boy likes them. or i should say he loves playing with them when he can snatch a handful in his fat little hand. keith is supportive, but right now he seems pretty disinterested since nothing has really happened.


i ordered some wraps from the wrap life since i am still not at a length to really style them independently. they came just before our trip to see my parents for a week. the online tutorials didn’t really work for me, mostly because i have a large head and may need to get a wrap with a bit more stretch to achieve some of the styles on their website.


set to get my hair retwisted next saturday and concerned about me hitting the awkward stage soon after that. the hairdresser said she would let me know if i can go a little longer in between my retwists at this next visit.