#locherup 1.3

i want to keep these post short and to the point. mostly on how i feel about my hair, what my hair is doing, and what i am doing to care for it. hopefully, these last three weeks have been helpful so far!


the twists have swollen a little, mostly because i spritz it with water this week. surprise surprise, my hair didn’t unravel. i cannot wait for it to get washed as the oil mixture is starting to build up. i used a bottle of almond oil as my carrier which i later remembered that i am currently avoiding nuts till i rule them out as an allergy, so i may switch to grape seed oil.

i have become less self conscious about the way my hair looks. i still don’t love it, but at least i am caring less about how my beauty is connected with it. i think the wraps have helped dissolve some of that insecurity.