#locherup 1.4

today i went in for my retwist, which is essentially where the hairdresser palm rolls the new growth into my current twists. first, i got an amazing head massage during my shampoo session. i can’t recall what second part of the treatment was, but whatever product came after the shampoo, i was then put under a drier to help my twist retain moisture. it took about an hour and a half for the loctician to retwist my new growth and i was pleasantly surprised at how it already is starting to look like the budding of locs.


the puff ends are my 3 week old twists, while the skinny parts are my new growth that has been palm rolled into my twist. i believe it looks slightly different if you are starting with finger coils. anyway, i can’t wait for the new growth to come in again so that the spacing decreases. my next appointment is not for another seven weeks and i was told that again i should focus on just keeping my scalp as clean and moisturized as i can without wetting my hair. pfft! i am going to do some research from now until then to see what is common.

i finally got grapeseed oil for my hair and mixed that with the clary sage, rosemary, and lavender (about 10 drops each) into a one ounce spray bottle. it is so divine. so relaxing. and i love that i could use this all over my skin as well.

my feelings this week on my hair: i definitely found myself playing in it more. still not entirely stylable, but i am glad it doesn’t look like a weird jonathan taylor thomas bowl cut anymore.