#locherup 2.1

Its been almost two weeks since my retwist and i wanted to wait a week before i took a photo update. in the meantime i did some more research on what i would like my locs to do and how to maintain them. for one, i don’t want to retwist my hair as frequently as every three weeks. my hair just doesn’t grow that fast and i don’t want my scalp becoming too tender.


there were varying bits of info out there on how long to wait in between retwists and washes, but i think in the end it is somewhat up to my hair and scalps needs. currently i am waiting another week three weeks exactly to actually wash and shampoo my hair. since i am going a total of seven weeks in between my last retwist and the second one, my scalp cannot afford to go that long without a decent scrub. i have been spritzing it with water and the oil mix that i made just so that it feels a bit more fluffy.

my hair is already starting to bud at the point where my new growth ends and the two strand twist begins. i am also able to do half up/down styles which makes my hair look less like a mop on my head. i try not to do that too often so that my hair will loc instead of just stretch out.

still finding it a challenge to feel feminine with my starter locs. that might be because i am still struggling with my overall style. part of that issue is that i am a stay at home mum, and not bringing in any income myself, so i feel guilty if i want to splurge on clothes that make me feel okay at the moment. but all of that is for another day and another totally different post.