#locherup 2.2

already halfway through my second month of my loc journey! It is such a slow process that it hardly feels like any time has passed at all! it's been three weeks since my retwist and I have another month before my next professional retwist. I say professional because I am considering twisting my hair next week to tie me over till my next appointment.


this week I washed my hair shampoo and conditioner should've nixed the conditioner as it left residue in my hair.  I have been using luv naturals shampoo, which worked in the past, but now i may be too thick for my locs as i am starting to see some residue left over. i will let you know what i find that works. all apart of the process.

as for me emotionally, i think the journey has been different from going natural, mostly because of the styling benefits with natural loose hair at the early stage. i had something to do with my hair when it was loose, but with it being loc’d and in a shrunken state i feel like there is nothing to do with other than to watch it grow out, so i guess i don’t appreciate it or enjoy the process as much. i write all of this not to be a debbie downer, but just to be honest that it hasn’t been what expected or hoped it to be. it doesn’t mean that i am quitting, i just means i am being realistic as to to where i am presently. i am sure the mood will change.

i will say that i haven’t had to worry about what to do with my hair at all or having it look presentable to the world which has been freeing. i just get up and go and when its time to wash my hair, the time has been slashed by 70% so i definitely feel unshackled from the natural loose hair process!