#locherup 4.0

finally starting on four months!!! wow i feel like i am just creeping along. i am so glad i decided not to post every week after completing two months. there is just very little action going on. i did find an excellent video that made me a firm believer that all this high-maintenance on locs is unnecessary.

starter locs month four

after being unsatisfied with the lack of information my loctician provided me in regards to caring for my locs, i stumbled across a locologist on youtube who specifically cares for locs she doesn’t do locs, just repairs damaged locs and maintains healthy locs. after just one video of seeing the damage of putting tons of product on my locs, i immediately did a avc soak to get rid of any of the locking products the loctician put in my hair and then gave myself a good shampoo. i cannot begin to tell you how much better my scalp felt! i am not going to go into details yet as we will see how well my locs look in another six months, but for now i will provide my current routine at the bottom of this post.


while my hair doesn’t look that much different in length when its dry, i do notice how much longer it looks when i wash my hair. currently it sits just below my shoulders in the back.


definitely thicker and since i did the acv soak, my hair doesn’t feel crunch or heavy. instead it feels very light. the twist pattern is disappearing as the locs become more frizzy. i know i will need to retwist soon so that my locs don’t start growing together, but i am still doing research on the best way to do this, as i still have not found a loctician. my roots are also becoming thicker which i love!

black mother with locs playing with son


again not many styling options yet. i am going to attempt to try a few updos this month as i have a wedding i am going to next month and i want it to look like i tried.


moisturize my scalp and hair with a mixture of rose water and vitamin e oil as needed.
shampoo as needed
hot oil treatment twice a month
style as little as possible
retwist every eight weeks and wait 4 weeks before shampooing after retwist

i am starting to like my locs and find myself playing in my hair a lot more. i think the idea of starting a new hair journey that i have not experienced before has gotten me really excited about the process. i almost want to document my experience with video just so that i can compare where i am in the years to come. what do you think?