#locherup 2.4

two months on my loc campaign and my starter locs have finally started to develop some character. i am due for my retwist tomorrow so that will come with next week’s update. after this week, i will only post once a month updates as not much changes from week to week. i will do my best to take photos once a week just to show the time lapse each month.


i did a rinse yesterday no shampoo and used the jet setting on my shower head to try to push any remaining residue out of my hair. i haven’t developed a routine yet, but i will starting after this next retwist. i have felt a bit lost these last two weeks trying to care for my hair with all the “don’t do this” videos out there and none of the “how to” videos that actually give practical tips on how to care for starter locs. after watching a few videos last night, i realized i am back at square one with my natural hair….and it’s kind of excited trying to figure out the science of locs in regards to my hair.



still fuzzy but after this last rinse, i noticed how much more swollen they look. still pretty soft in most places, but no major budding updates aside from the ones i reported a few weeks ago. the parts are barely visible as the new growth comes in so i think 5-7 week intervals between retwists seems to be a good period for the rate of my hair growth. three weeks was just too short a time and there wasn’t much to grab.


still hovering at the same length although i think this is primarily because my roots are super puffy right now. i don’t mind it so much now since it looks fuller in the back. again that may change after tomorrow’s retwist.


i have decided only to pull my hair up when i am at the gym or washing my face. i have been reading more and more that too much styling early on in the process could damage my locs later, so i am sticking with just letting it hang. it’s gotten too hot to wear the wraps right now, so if i do need my hair pulled back for any reason i just have one those soft headbands.

how am i doing

i am not sure what it is but i am starting feel a tad more confidence when i look at myself. i can’t remember the last time i felt that. there’s this sense of experimentation that i feel that i haven’t felt in a long time. creativity maybe. i’m not sure. but i am paying attention to it.