#locherup 2.3

week seven of my loc journey and almost two months have gone by! i was trying to post these every tuesday since that is the day in which i originally got these done, but the retwists have thrown me off a bit, so i am going to attempt to do these on fridays and then just include my retwist updates in with the following week.


as you can tell from the pictures, i had another wash day. this was not planned, but after the previous week of washing with conditioner as well, i found that my hair was not as soft due to some leftover residue. i have struggled with this even with loose hair so i am still looking for a solution. so i washed it with just shampoo still some product residue but at least my hair is not crunchy.


the 99 twists i finally counted all have a halo of loose strands, so my hair looks fuzzy, which normally i would be lamenting over but in this case it gives my starter locs a bit more fullness. the ends have managed to stay coiled this whole time too, so the locs still look neat. i think i mentioned this already, but my hair is already loc’d at the root! now it is just a waiting game for the twist pattern to disappear.


my locs still sit above my shoulder, but i am able to pull most of them into a ponytail or a half up half down style. i try not to do this too much as i have heard this retards the process of my hair loc’ing due to stretching and the hair not being able to wrap around itself as quickly.



as i mentioned above i have two alternative styles with the main style being to wear it as is. occasionally i will wear the wraps but i don’t have nice wardrobe to compliment the ones i do have. there isn’t much shape or depth to it yet so i am stuck with the question of how to make this feel less like a foreign object and more like its part of my wardrobe. i may have to do a separate post on a wardrobe for locs, but i haven’t been extremely motivated to find my style since i spend so much time at my house or at the gym.

how do i feel

the biggest thing has been liberation for me. i loved my loose natural hair so much, but during ante and postpartum with both my boys i began to feel like a prisoner to my hair. i have learned to care less about my hair as far as maintenance although i still care about it, just in a different way. keith really likes them which was not a goal, but i like that he likes something about me that is so different from his culture as it pertains to hair. this brings up another point: there isn’t anyone in my close community who has locs or understands its culture, so I am excited to be trailblazing this even though i know this has been around since forever.

that’s it as far as updates. i will try to get my husband to take pics of my hair for me so that you can get more visuals on what my hair looks like.