Maternity Shoot with Dreamtown Co

To say that keith and i have taken few pictures together is an understatement. While we have had the occasional couple selfies, the last time we took photos together where there was someone other than keith’s outstretched hand behind the camera was our wedding. It’s not that we hate taking photos with each other, it’s just that we (particularly keith) are anti-photography that turns our candidness into a full fledge production. Thankfully, our wedding wasn’t like that and we didn’t want our maternity photos to be that way either.

With isaac, i had been in the beginning stages of planning one with Jesse Walsh of Dreamtown Co. the week before he made his surprise entrance into this world. I was nervous to reach out to her, concerned I would get another surprise. We set a date, being mindful of when my cerclage was scheduled to come out. June third was the only Sunday she could do before my ditch the stitch day. The date worked for both of us.

Jesse showed up about an hour after house church had ended. We all agreed that the best way to get keith to feel relaxed was to give him a project. I had wanted to create some artwork in remembrance of isaac weeks ago, but we never got around to it. I decided that this would be the perfect opportunity to work on it. After loosely showing him how to work with charcoal, we both began to draw while Jesse went to work capturing the moment from start to finish.

keith measuring
record playing

One of the more natural things keith and I like to do on occasion is dance with each other. We either put on gregory allen isakov’s weatherman album or michael kiwanuka’s love and hate album. Keith chose michael kiwanuka. Earlier that week, it dawned on me the significance of the date of our shoot. June third was the day we buried isaac. While I had kept my emotions in check for most of the shoot, at least until “cold little heart” started playing. It was a few weeks after we buried isaac, that we were in that exact spot dancing and grieving as we listened to that album. It had all come full circle, as if God was charting new memories for us. To remember death. To remember life.


I am so glad Jesse caught the transition. Somehow we were able to have that moment with each other without feeling like she was invading that quiet space, that “holy ground” as she so eloquently put it. We could not rejoice without acknowledging the tears we have shed this year.

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Photos by Jesse Walsh