NICU baby book updates

finally taking a break from the reflective posts for a minute just to share what has been going on with the NICU journal! i haven’t posted as much because i have been spending so much time updating the website to get it ready to sell hopefully by this fall. i haven’t even had time to get decent photos of the book and by decent i mean something that would be more on brand but the ones currently on the homepage will have to suffice until i can get some more room for staging.

since posting our Go Fund Me back in february, we were able to raise almost half of what we intended to raise. we were hoping to raise more so  that we would have enough to purchase enough copies at a reasonable rate to start selling and giving to donate to local hospitals, but fundraising trickled to a halt and we had to look for other ways to peak interest.

with some of the funds we purchased a few finished samples not cheap  in order to showcase the product exactly as we had envisioned it to look like. while we waited, Keith vigilantly pursued newspapers and radios to see if our story would stick. Orlando sentinel picked up our story and it is now set to launch it mid-june more on that later. 

the samples arrived on the anniversary of Isaac's passing, such a meaningful moment for me and this journey. I was so pleased with the results and immediately shared it with Isaac's doctor at a memorial service held at the hospital in honor of all the children who had passed. We were pleasantly surprised to find that all of the palliative care team had heard about it and were eager to thumb through the sample!

since then, it has been a waiting game to see if we can drum up anymore support. In the meantime I am going to try to apply for some more grants and submit a few samples to see if we get anything. in the meantime we who are we kidding here, because keith will not touch indesign or coding with a ten foot pole, i have created a way for present and former NICU parents, as well as family and friends of the NICU community to reserve a copy and receive advance notification when we have the stock. There is also a way to donate a copy to a family in need currently at the alexander center for neonatolgy.

thank you so much for sharing our story with everyone you know! continue to share and support this endeavor so that we can bless families.