parenthood: chapter 6

I am about a week late in posting this, but the holidays blazed past me that I had no time to even schedule posts that I had written. but I am choosing to remain unapologetic on this blog during this season and just keep swimming.


I cannot believe that our boy is already six months old. I feel like I have done my best to not blink but he is still managing to grow up fast. This period of infancy is simply incredible to watch, especially his personality. i cannot help but imagine what he will be like when he is talking and walking.

Lil man celebrated his first Christmas with gnawing on gift paper and engaging with his new skip*hop activity center. we stayed home this Christmas and did our best connect with each other and ourselves although we both fell short. 


as I write this, our boy is with his grandparents and Keith and I have been left to house projects and chores for the last few days. I am glad for the welcomed break, but have been missing his sweet face every day!


The separation is good for me, as it has allowed me to connect with myself, something I have neglected for the last six months. I have even had time to finish the first draft of this hospital project I have been massaging for almost a year now! 

We spent some time in the mountains and ironically this year I saw the most dazzling meteor falling from the sky. We climbed table rock and made ammends with our bodies to treat them better this year. 

Hoping for a better routine. hoping to be fearless like I used to be. hoping to connect with people and their stories this year. hoping to love myself better.