Styling My Home with Domino

I have been searching for this book for about eight months since I first stumbled across it in Barnes and Noble. I didn’t remember the title. I didn’t even remember what the cover of the book looked like. I just remember sitting in Barnes and Noble trying to soak in all the helpful tips that this book had to offer.

When I started getting serious about streamlining our home style, I scoured the internet for months looking for this book. I looked at every digital preview like I was Prince Charming looking for Cinderella. With no success, I decided to stop off at a BN and just see what I could find.

Sitting coyly in the Home and Garden section, dressed in pink and floral was Domino: Your Guide to a Stylish Home. I had no idea if this foot fit the slipper, but it was the one book not dressed like all the rest. As I flipped through the pages, I was pleasantly surprised that this was what I had been looking for!

domino style guide.jpg

I had a basic understanding of aesthetics. The one room in our house that looks the most unified currently is our living room. After Isaac’s funeral, I finally got Keith to buy a new couch. Our old one was his grandfather’s and although I loved its charm, it had met its demise by a toddler who refused to wear protection while taking her potty breaks on our couch. Once the old couch was removed, I saw that our dominant color weren’t marigolds and greens, but muted blues and wines.

our old couch. may she rest in golden bliss.
the beginnings of something new

The book features a guide for each decor item such lighting, mirrors, artwork, wall paint, etc and showcases beautiful pictures of styled rooms and tips from everyday designers. So far, Domino has given me basic styling tools for my weak areas like choosing frames and mixing textures and patterns, while validating the things I do know like what shape coffee table works best with a sectional.


I am so looking forward to working on this home once baby comes, but for now I will just work on the nursery.