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#locherup 3.0

starting on month three, but it feels like nine! from this point on i will only be posting once a month on my hair journey until my one year mark. i just don’t feel as though my hair is changing drastically from week to week, so i will spare my blog feed the weekly updates.

last saturday before trekking with an almost one year old across an entire state, i got my second retwist. it was a long morning mostly of me waiting to get the retwist done i came fifteen minutes before my scheduled time and didn’t start getting my hair retwisted until two and half hours. i tried to get more feedback to care for my hair at home, but my hairdresser almost seemed reluctant to share. she even seemed disappointed when i told her that i wanted to do semi free formed locs and go longer stretches in between retwists. needless to say, for all the money i am paying, i should be getting better service so i did not reschedule. which means i had better learn how to do this myself or find a loctician. to be continued…


my hair is starting to look like a stringy bob on the sides. the sides are looking a little longer than they have in the past and i can 3/4ths of my hair to one side.


the roots are still pretty snug while the shaft of each loc grows fuzzier while remaining soft to the touch. there are some parts below the root that are starting to bud! it actually creates enough weight for my hair to swing. i whip my hair a lot now.


half updos are my thing, but i am sure not to make my pony tight so as not to weaken my locs. most of the time i just put a headband on to push it off of my face. i have been focusing on my appearance a bit more to feel less frumpy with my locs and i have been enjoying experimenting with different styles to see what works for my hair in this season.


after many many many videos and loc articles, i knew i needed a simple routine. this last week i spent getting into a rhythm so these are just my routine goals:

moisturize my scalp and hair twice a week with water and oil
wait three weeks after each retwist before shampooing hair and as needed to till next retwist
deep condition with a hot oil treatment twice a month
style as little as possible
retwist every eight weeks

i am starting to like my locs and find myself playing in my hair a lot more. i think the idea of starting a new hair journey that i have not experienced before has gotten me really excited about the process. i almost want to document my experience with video just so that i can compare where i am in the years to come. what do you think?

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#locherup 2.1

Its been almost two weeks since my retwist and i wanted to wait a week before i took a photo update. in the meantime i did some more research on what i would like my locs to do and how to maintain them. for one, i don’t want to retwist my hair as frequently as every three weeks. my hair just doesn’t grow that fast and i don’t want my scalp becoming too tender.

there were varying bits of info out there on how long to wait in between retwists and washes, but i think in the end it is somewhat up to my hair and scalps needs. currently i am waiting another week three weeks exactly to actually wash and shampoo my hair. since i am going a total of seven weeks in between my last retwist and the second one, my scalp cannot afford to go that long without a decent scrub. i have been spritzing it with water and the oil mix that i made just so that it feels a bit more fluffy.

my hair is already starting to bud at the point where my new growth ends and the two strand twist begins. i am also able to do half up/down styles which makes my hair look less like a mop on my head. i try not to do that too often so that my hair will loc instead of just stretch out.

still finding it a challenge to feel feminine with my starter locs. that might be because i am still struggling with my overall style. part of that issue is that i am a stay at home mum, and not bringing in any income myself, so i feel guilty if i want to splurge on clothes that make me feel okay at the moment. but all of that is for another day and another totally different post.

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#locherup 1.2

my roots started to grow out and the noticeable spaces between each twist grow smaller and smaller. the length has more or less been about the same. most days i pull the twists into a stubby ponytail or wear a hat and try my best to look like i tried to put an outfit together. i will say that these likes have been forcing me to try to be okay with how i look in them.

baby boy likes them. or i should say he loves playing with them when he can snatch a handful in his fat little hand. keith is supportive, but right now he seems pretty disinterested since nothing has really happened.

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