The Final Countdown: Preparing for Baby

Even though we spent weeks leading up to thirty-seven weeks preparing the house for our new roommate, keith and i still had some items left unchecked. They mark a significant turning point for us as some of these tasks we never got to complete while preparing for when isaac came home. I decided that the in between moments were just as significant as the major milestones, and made a little montage below.

2018-06-17 07.16.40 2.jpg
wooden cradle

The Saturday mornings we still get to sleep in. The nights of reading through our labor and delivery book together. The endless list of projects that will, for a time, be put on hold. Figuring out baby gear.

saturday mornings
keith reading
2018-06-17 07.16.46 2.jpg
2018-06-17 07.16.32 2.jpg

Soon, all of this will feel like a distant memory or at least become second nature to us. I will enjoy what comes to replace some of these moments, but at least wanted to keep them glowing for a little while longer.