my story


In 2017 on mother’s day, i was admitted to the hospital for an incompetent cervix. One day later at 23 weeks and 6 days, isaac was born and immediately rushed to nicu. We were blessed to be able to love on our boy for sixteen days. We thought we were all going to make it through this difficult journey together. But like a meteorite, one moment our son stirred our love with his tiny movements and in the next he was gone, as if he had only been a figment of our imagination.


I struggled with the narrative of this chapter in my life. Being pregnant. Being a mother. It had all been too short an experience. Yet five months after our firstborn came into this world, i found myself staring at two faint lines on a pregnancy test. considered high risk, i was given a cerclage to help maintain the length of my cervix, and progesterone to maintain the duration of the pregnancy.

Through the life and death of our son, the fleeting moments became more precious. The mundane, more beautiful. I found myself catching mental images of everything around me. Weekend mornings watching my husband sleep. thursday lunch dates with a friend. Hay rides with our neighbors. Even days when it is just me, God, and my broken spirit.


This blog is about my pregnancy, and my grieving. It is about my interests and passions and creativity. it is about my everyday of being a wife, a mother, a friend, and most importantly myself. I am not out to present the best blog version of myself, just andia. the good, the bad, the ugly. My desire is that my transparency would invite you into a place where you can rest in the grace God has for your messy parts.



more about me

i am a graphic designer who enjoys making fiber art.

i love march madness, and am slightly obsessed with duke meeting their demise at every tourney.

i am spain bred. italian fed. northern-minded with southern kindness. in short, a military brat.

i actually enjoy cloudy days over sunshine.

dancing. is. my. jam.

i am an intentionally relational person. surface dwellers kind of scare me. you know we're good when you've met my parents. more than three times.

i looooooove my husband, excruciatingly. he is my favorite human.