Posting Changes

Hope you all had an amazing holiday!

With Holden finally here, safe and sound, I would like to spend as much time getting to know him! For the month of July and August, I will drop my posts down to once a week to Saturday mornings. During this time, I am hoping to be able to explore photography a bit more, so you may see more photo montages with a small bit of copy.

If you find me becoming the friend in your head because you have been keeping up with my life, then consider subscribing! I promise you will only get one newsletter month (simply because I do not have the time or energy to invest in newsletters every other day). Its a reflection corner of my everyday where I would like to invite my subscribers to finding your own beauty in the fleeting.

Anyway, thanks for your support as i continue on this journey to motherhood. I have enjoyed reading your comments and have been encouraged to find that many of you personally resonate with my story and that i am not alone in this struggle.