hospital bag haul

Some weeks ago, while at my obgyn appointment, my doctor and i were talking about how close i was getting to the end. I mentioned how i was just now starting to back my hospital bag given the fact that my ditch the stitch day was in five weeks. She replied, “yes, girl. once the cerclage comes out, anything can happen.”


While it seemed so far away at the time, i knew that keith and i would blow through our weekends like it was black jack. After two trips to triage that left us uncertain if we would be coming back home the same night, I needed to get myself organized. That meant finally allowing myself to sink into the reality that I needed to start packing my hospital bag. Currently, I am part of an incompetent cervix group on facebook, and i found that most women who suffered from this condition multiple times said that they have had their bags packed since week twenty.

Clearly i was more optimistic of my chances than i originally thought.

I, or rather keith got me this cute weekender bag from target’s new line, universal thread. It is big enough for labor and deliver gear as well as going home gear. I picked up a 6 piece luggage organizer off of amazon, so that if i asked keith for something he could easily find it without destroying the order of my contents.

Keeping it pretty basic, i used the largest organizer for my going home outfit and shoes, nursing bra, nigh gown, flip flops, and a pair of socks. The disposable underwear they supply at the hospital works for me, so I didn't pack any. I topped it off with a small toiletries bag and two of the laundry bag pouches, a small one for my electronic cords, and the other for my dirty clothes. That's it.

Baby K's diaper bag I got as shower gift from Skip Hop. In it I used the smallest organizer for baby clothes, swaddle, isaac's receiving blanket, and lanolin (because the lactation specialist failed to mention how vital this could be when breastfeeding; I was hurting for days while pumping for isaac). I also stuffed by iPad, camera, and a folder with copies of insurance and birth plan in them.

Thankfully, we live less than ten minutes from our hospital, so that is why i am able to keep things pretty minimal. For those of you who have experienced a full term pregnancy, is there anything i am missing? Anything i can do without?

Universal thread weekender bag / target
M-jump luggage storage bags / amazon
Universal thread sandals / target
Embroidered kimono / cato
Universal thread dress / target
Gilligan & O’Malley nightgown / target
iloveSIA nursing bras / amazon
SkipHop leather diaper bag in Caramel / target

90s themed baby shower part two

even as my friends and i laughed around a table friday night while making paper fortune tellers, it still did not hit me that i would be hitting yet another milestone i was unsure i would get to experience. saturday was an extremely busy morning. after my four o'clock bathroom session that morning, the baby was up and kicking and there was no way i was going to be able to go back to sleep at least for another hour. so i headed into the living room, and started making a to do list for the day.

by 6:30am, keith and my dad were up making themselves breakfast before they headed out to lay down more sod for the shower, and by 7:30am, my mum and sister were headed out the door to pick up a few things from the store.

everything else was a blur.

mix drinks table.JPG

thank god i made that to do list because it freed me up from having to delegate tasks to people as they arrived to help out. i think i maybe took three photos the whole day. thankfully, keith snapped a few photos before, during, and after guests arrived. i wish the photo booth had been more used but my sister did manage to take some great cheesy 90s catalogue photos of the stragglers.

here's what the day looked like!


guests were asked to choose a scrunchie based on their gender predictions: black for boy or gold for girl.

table setting
paper fortune teller
table decor

pig in a blanket with andouille sausage. bagel bites: apple and brie, sun dried tomatoes, prosciutto, and goat cheese, cream cheese with arugula, olives, and anchovy dressing


my dad channeling fresh prince to be our game show host.


we sent our guests home with little debbie snacks and ligature coffee.


the few of us that remained decided to blow off the steam and take some goofy shots together. i think we are all over-thinkers when it comes to taking really nice photos, so we just embraced our awkwardness.


none of the items listed below were sponsored.

table runner / ikea
cups / party city
vases / dollar tree
plates and napkins / bash party goods
my jumper / ross
coffee / ligature coffee

baby wardrobe capsule

i have been pretty timid about creating a new registry, hugely because i had created it three months out from isaac's baby shower, but was rendered irrelevant a month before the shower because of his early arrival. this time i waited till i was a month away from this shower to even send out the link.

last year, as stated in my project layout: nursery post, we received the staple furnishings that went into isaac's room. you would think that i would know what is essential by now, but i am still overwhelmed by what i should be getting for this baby. i scoured the internet. everyone has an opinion. in the end, the lists are either excessive or not applicable to my region.

i decided to follow my heart.

i found a pretty rudimentary list and started with that. bed. check. carseat. check. clothes. kinda checked. i had no bottles, diapers, no nursing pillows. i was pretty bare bones. i had no idea of quantity--what would get me through the first month at least. after a quick assessment of everything i had, i jotted down a few helpful reference points.

setting parameters

location. most essential items are not seasonally based (bottles, carseat, stroller, etc.). clothes, however, are. i live in humid florida near swamps and endangered birds, and know that most suggested items would prove obsolete within a few weeks. plus baby is set to arrive at the start of summer so i am being extra mindful of what i need for the july through october summer vibes.

lifestyle. i am a sucker for cute baby clothes and easily clicked away when i was pregnant with isaac. however, after a registry overload, i had to ask myself was baby ever going to wear this stuff? further more, did i want to be responsible for so much laundry? i hate excess so this was a firm no. i do laundry once a week and barely have time to be folding my own.

i thought about the amount of spit ups, blow outs, and other leaky accidents baby might have in a day. minor spit ups (in my opinion) don't constitute an immediate change (unless its straight puke), but leaks and blow outs do, so i calculated about two changes a day. this means roughly about three outfits. multiplied that by seven. twenty-one outfits for each size group: 0-3m, 4-6m, 6-9m, and 9-12m. yes, lawd! i was sticking to just 21 outfits a month.

timeline. for this pregnancy, i wrote down all the months in the first year starting with my due date and then wrote next to them the temperature descriptions (hot, warm, cool, cold), as well as how old baby would be. with my parameters in check, i could now press go.

weapon of choice

babylist registry

top priority for me as a graphic designer is simplicity and organization, so to see white space and not a ton of flashing images on a registry site makes me so full inside. i decided to stick with babylist again this year because of its flexibility to incorporate multiple storefronts into one registry.

i can set up a babylist button much like i would the pinterest button adding items i want in my registry from any site. assuming that my baby shower guests only buy stuff from the registry, babylist will supply a list of all of the guests' gifts along with their addresses so that i can mail them their thank you's without fretting that i forgot to write down who got me the bouncy chair.

simple. and right about now, i need so much simplicity.

baby wardrobe capsule for the first year

0-3 months
1 sun hat
7 white sleeveless onesies
7 white short sleeve onesies
3 long sleeve onesies
3 socks


4-6 months
7 long sleeve onesies
7 white short sleeve onesies
2 light sweaters
2 pairs of shorts
3 socks

6-9 months
1 beanie
5 long sleeve onesies
5 white short sleeve tops
1 sweater
1 jacket
3 pairs of pants
2 sleepers
3 pairs of socks


9-12 months
3 pairs of shorts
2 pairs of pants
1 sun hat
1 bathing suit
2 pairs of shoes
7 short sleeves tops
5 short sleeves onesies

this just made my life far less complicated. because the gender will be a surprise, i steered clear of gender specific clothing without sacrificing color (seriously why does everyone seem to think that black and white are the only alternatives to pink and blue?)

i cannot wait to apply this to the other categories on my list. i am sure all the experienced mums are laughing at my idealized goals. i may too once this baby comes, but for now, i think this is good enough. hopefully this is helpful to other expectant mamas out there. let me know how you created your baby registry!



babylist was not a sponsor of this post (but hopefully some day they will be!). my opinions about the use of their site is based on my actual experience with using them when i was pregnant with isaac. also, if you are looking for pretty gender neutral clothing, h&m is a gold mine.