our mission

Catching Meteorites is committed to producing beautiful and intentional products for families with unique and sometimes overlooked stories to tell. Driven by our own journey through the NICU and child loss experience, we strive to design materials that honor the personal stories of fleeting beauty, as well as provide a meaningful tool for chronicling the journey.


Our story


In 2017 our meteorite arrived prematurely, just shy of twenty-four weeks and immediately rushed to the nicu. with few resources to help us process everything that was happening, we fumbled through our experience as first time nicu parents. like a meteorite, one moment our son stirred our love with his tiny movements and in the next he was gone, as if he had only been a figment of our imagination.

we were left with the moments we had caught on camera and our unspoken words of love and awe for this miracle, with no relevant place to store our cherished artifacts. traditional baby books were never designed with our journey in mind. so we were compelled to design a tool for ourselves and for other parents with unique stories of their meteorites to show and tell.

catching meteorites is more than just a photo journal. it is an invitation to pause and savor every moment. to find beauty in the fleeting.


behind catching meteorites


i am the wife of my best friend, keith and mother to my sweet meteorite, who rests in the daylight of my savior, and now our sweet comfort, who shares his brother’s smile. i seek to savor the meteorites. the fleeting beauty of the everyday. of joy. of heartbreak. of hellos. of goodbyes. join me on my road to motherhood.

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