thanksgiving often gets glazed over by Christmas decor and music, black Fridays and cyber Mondays, the focus on what we don't have yet rather than what we are currently blessed with.


occasionally I will read a few photo editing articles in vsco's journal for an inspiring perspective on the world through a lens. today i read a piece about three food photographers from serbia, france, and taiwan sharing their experiences of this american ritual we call thanksgiving.

It was interesting to read how they all seemed to revel in the idea of breaking bread together to celebrate the goodness of the year. One photographer described it as a ceremony that began with the passage of a year and a welcoming of a new one to come.


as I sit here in the airport on the eve of thanksgiving, disgruntled at the fact that our flight has been delayed by two hours, I look at my son who is mesmerized by the sights and sounds and I realize that this isn't a dream and he is here with us and already headed on a grand adventure. 

this past year was frought with sadness and uncertainty, but I feel blessed to be welcoming a new year filled with family I can call my own.